1. What can I do if I have some doubts about WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM online shop?

If you have any questions about our products or services, take a look at our FAQ's section where you can see the answers to common questions. You can also contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE sending an e-mail to or sending our contact form. Your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.


2. How can I buy in WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM online shop?
To buy in WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM online shop, you have to register it.
Your information will be saved so future purchases will be faster and easier.

3. How can I register in WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM online shop?
Register and buy in our online store is very simple, you only must click on CUSTOMER AREA and providing your personal contact details and choose a password.

4. Can I change the information in my profile?
The profile data can be modified and updated at any time. You must log into your account, once inside click CUSTOMER AREA, then CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, you can update the information and to confirm the changes, click OK.

5. I forgot my password, how I can get it back?
If you forget the password for your login account, you must go to CUSTOMER AREA, click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? option and insert the e-mail address with which you registered. Immediately you'll receive an email with your password.

6. How I can know if my order was successful?
Immediately after payment, your order will be recorded correctly and receive an email confirmation of your order.


8. ¿Which countries do we deliver?
WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM send orders to all the countries.

9. When will be sent the orders?
All orders confirmed in our online store, are shipped the day after your purchase. For custom jobs and orders, the delivery period can be provided when we send a quote to the customer. Usually depends of the number of units or difficulty of the project.
We send the orders using the international standard shipping service This delivery service have an estimated delivery time between 1 and 5 working days depending on the destination country. May be a longer term depending on the time of year (christmas, holidays...) or the volume of traffic delivery.

10. How much for the shipping costs?
These costs will be free except when the customer wants a different shipping service than the established by WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM.
In this case, the new service will be quoted and when the customer approved it, we added it to the order total amount.


11. ¿What payment methods we accept?
WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM accept Paypal as payment, credit cards and debit cards.

12. ¿The data bank will be stored when I make my purchase?
For more security, WWW.DECALMANIA.COM never have access to confidential information of payment or data bank. For this reason, the bank details of each user are required for each new order.


13. What warranty we offer?
WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM prepares each order under strict quality controls, so we ensure the best use of materials and manufacturing job. Once made​​, each order is closely monitored and reviewed prior to shipment.
For any query, you can contact our Customer Service by writting an e-mail to
or sending our contact form. We will resolve your questions quickly and effectively.


14. What is the deadline for returning orders?
All products may be returned within 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of order.

What should I do if I want to return a product from my order?
If your order is within the deadline, contact WWW.DECALSMANIA.COM via our RETURNS FORM. We will resolve the devolution in the shortest time possible, with the main objective satisfaction.

16.- What I have to do if I bought the product by error or have changed your mind and want to return it?
No problem, we accept your return. In this case, the customer will pay shipping costs and when we have received and checked the condition of the goods and if all is OK, we will refund you the total order amount.
You will need to contact us using our RETURNS FORM (located in the upper right margin of our website) and the process begins immediately.

17.- What I need to do if the product arrive defective or bad conditions?
Your satisfaction is the most important thing for our company. In this case, you will need to contact us through our RETURN FORM (located in the upper right margin of our website) and we resolve immediatly your order incidence.

18.- I've placed an order and don't arrive. What is the deadline to claim for it?
You can claim your order before 90 calendar days have passed from the day of your purchase.